The White Cottage, Grose Wold

The White Cottage is a double storey guesthouse positioned next to a homestead.  The bathroom and entry is downstairs and upstairs is a spacious open plan studio, which has a king size bed, a new all white kitchenette, a living area and a balcony.  The ceilings are high and peaked in white timbers and everything is white, including the floor.  The furnishings are eclectic but all in a similar colour pallette and the overall feel in the room is calming and peaceful.   There is a private courtyard garden belonging to the cottage and the view from the balcony faces garden, the dam and hills beyond that.  The property is always very well maintained, clean and mowed and the gardens are always well cared for.  A wooden boardwalk connects the cottage to the main homestead which is also all white.
Estimated travel time from Sydney 1.5 hours.