Out Of Africa, Cooper’s Shoot, Byron Bay

A stunning house set on 5 acres in the Byron Bay Hinterland. This location can be hired alongside Orchid, Cooper’s Shoot, Byron Bay as it resides on the same property grounds. Please contact Pure Locations for more information.

VILLA Pool_previewVILLA Pool wall_previewVILLA Kitchen_preview VILLA Lounge_preview VILLA Main Bedroom_preview VILLA Outdoor Fire_preview VILLA Outdoor Mirror_preview VILLA Overhead Pool_preview

VILLA Swing Chair_preview2 3 4 5 GARDEN Bouganvillea_preview GARDEN Gazebo_preview GARDEN Girl on Swing_preview GARDEN Jacaranda_preview GARDEN Lake bridge_preview GARDEN Lake reflection_preview GARDEN Lake_preview HOUSE African Bowl_preview HOUSE Main Bedroom_preview VILLA 2nd bathroom_preview VILLA 2nd Bedroom_preview VILLA Close Up Pool_preview VILLA Entrance_preview VILLA gong_preview