Terms & Conditions


All clients will need to sign Pure Locations Terms and Conditions. Clients are required to have a minimum of $10 – $20 million in Public Liability Cover in the name of the Company hiring the Property. Once a booking confirms Pure Locations will email over the paperwork for you to sign and return before the shoot / event commences.

Location Owners

It is important to understand that by agreeing to rent your home out for photo shoots, filming and events, there is always the risk of damage. For each booking we send out a Location Agreement between yourself and the Hirer. The agreement clearly states that the Hirer hiring the location is responsible for any damages that occur whilst they are hiring your property. They are contracted to have sufficient public liability whilst hiring the location.

By agreeing to Pure Locations representing your home to be hired for photo shoots, filming and events, you are in turn agreeing that Pure Locations is at no stage responsible for any damages to your property.

Location Bookings

Conditions of Booking

Please note that when hiring a property, all clients must give details of the nature of the hire / areas of use / number of people attending / hours of hire. Clients are not given free rein to the entire property unless agreed with the owner. All clients must adhere to the details provided on the contract or they may be asked to leave the location by the owner.


Confirmed bookings which are cancelled more than 48 hours prior to commencement of shoot, will be charged at 50% of total fee. Cancellation of confirmed bookings less than 48 hours prior to shoot charged at 100% of total fee.

Booking Details

If the full details of the shoot are not revealed prior to the shoot date and documented on the contract, the owner or agency has the right to suspend the shoot until the agreement can be re-negotiated. For clarification purposes, unless agreed in writing prior to commencement of the shoot, a booking will consist of one photographer and one crew per location booking day.

Payment Terms

All invoices need to be paid in full a minimum of 48 hours prior to location hire date (unless prior agreement made with Pure Locations).

House rules

  • No smoking
  • No use of the house outside of the agreed terms on the Contract
  • No guests other than agreed can access the property
  • No alcohol unless previously agreed
  • All teams must protect floors, walls, furniture from damage and always cover kitchen benches to avoid stains and scratches


If a client needs to move furniture, they need to ask permission from the Owners. All furniture must be lifted and moved carefully. All furniture that is moved MUST be put back in its original position prior to exit.


Any shots taken at the location on the shoot day are authorised for use solely for the stated job and may not be re-used or sold on for further usage without prior or subsequent agreement with Pure Locations.


Pure Locations is GST registered and will charge 10% GST on top of all fees.

Additional Charges

  • Drop offs/Pick Ups – Drop-offs and pick-ups are only possible before or after the shoot day(s) by written prior agreement. A storage cost may be added to your invoice for this facility. Any equipment or valuables left at a location are done so entirely at the clients/photographer’s own risk and Pure Locations or the location owner are not liable for any loss or damage.
  • Lunches – Please request if you need to use the owner’s crockery, glasses and cutlery.
  • Rubbish  – Please remove all rubbish on exit. A minimum fee of $150 + GST will be charged if rubbish is left at the location
  • WIFI – please let your Account Manager know if you require WIFI access
  • Council Approval – please refer to the contract regarding Council permission / approvals. Pure Locations is not responsible for applying for any Council approval for photo shoots, filming or events.

Public / Employer’s Liability & Damages

The person signing the contract – client, photographer or commissioner, must ensure that they or their company have Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of $10,000,000 – $20,000,000 and in the case of a company, that they are authorised to sign the agreement. A copy of the insurance document (Liability Certificate) must be made available to view on confirmation of booking. Any damages or loss to any part of a location or its property are the responsibility of the client, photographer or commissioner on the day and signing our contract represents full acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the terms contained within it. Please be aware that you will be invoiced for the full cost of repairs or replacement of property, as a result of damage caused during your shoot. In the event of a dispute arising from loss or damage to a location or its contents, you will be provided the contact details of the owner within 7 working days of the end of the shoot in order to resolve the issue. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in you accepting full responsibility for the cost of any damages being claimed. By signing our contract you accept and agree to these terms and further accept that either Pure Locations, the location owner or any other agency jointly responsible for the management of the location have the right to independently pursue a claim arising from any of the reasons stated above.

Alert your neighbours of any larger productions taking place (to reduce any neighbour complaints).
Let the local police station know of any large scale filming at the Property.