Italian Penthouse, Fitzroy

This location make an impression right from the very first step onto the terrazzo paved entrance. Walk through the neon lined lobby and up in the lift to arrive at this jaw-dropping Penthouse apartment.
The jewel in the building, this penthouse features sweeping views, porthole windows and the balcony of your dreams.

The warm materiality, shadow play, curated views and an almost magical interplay between volume and light give the space a sense of richness that is the biggest luxury one can have.

Boasting a highly refined and sophisticated collection of designer furniture and an art collection worthy of any gallery in the country.
This Penthouse is situated in the golden pocket of Fitzroy, nestled between Brunswick, Gertrude and Smith Streets looking directly at the majestic Fitzroy Town Hall, sitting amongst the treetops provides the most tranquil and serene vistas in Fitzroy.

The best of Italian design, set in a distinctly Melbourne location, illuminated by a performance of constantly shifting light.

Location House in Fitzroy available to hire for photoshoots, filming and corporate events.