Little Tokyo, Randwick

Influenced by the city of Tokyo where land is scarce and buildings are designed for very small sites, the owners set out to create a home within the fabric of a former farriers’ workshop built in 1890.

A series of insertions have been carefully stitched into the simple brick shed that satisfy the needs of contemporary living, informed by attributes including a long, northern elevation; a double-height volume; laneway access; and views over neighbouring gardens.

Entry is via the original roller shutter opening, now a sliding zinc door that buffers the laneway. The living/dining area maintains the building’s volume and a new courtyard garden opens up the northern wall allowing light to penetrate the interior. Bathroom/bedroom insertions are set back further within the building to create a second north-facing courtyard, allowing light and ventilation to all rooms. The simple and carefully detailed palette of materials – plywood, steel, and brickwork – act as both structure and finish.

The location demonstrates the resilience of its heritage fabric and reinforces the broader opportunities of adaptive reuse.

Location House available for photoshoots, filming and corporate events.

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