If you’re looking to take your next production to a regional location, you’re not alone. The city can only tick so many boxes. As a location agency, we are experiencing an increasing number of clients choosing to take their photoshoot and film productions out of the city, travelling outside of central Sydney suburbs and into the surrounding areas. We understand that travel can be expensive and time consuming, and the result needs to be well worth the effort. That’s why we have collated our top 12 production locations outside of Sydney that are worth the travel, and will take your next creative production to incredible heights.


Being in the midst of a fast-paced digital revolution whilst a pandemic flipped the world on its head, the creative industry are simply trying to hold on and flow with the new era of creative production. Where creatives and brands were once required to work based from city offices, the pandemic has increased the number of people working remotely and operating from all over the state, meaning that regional production locations have become more central and accessible. The temporary closure of many businesses during lockdowns has resulted in tighter productions budgets, meaning that clients are now looking for versatile shoot locations with a multitude of background options ensuring value for spend.


If you’re looking for a reason to take your next production out of the city to a regional area, here’s three.


Anyone who has been on the set of a creative production at a city location knows that some of the biggest constraints on a shoot day is space, accessibility, and parking. The crew on set can range from 10 to 40 people and beyond, with a seemingly never-ending amount of filming equipment, furniture, lighting, props, clothing, hair and makeup supplies and more. That’s where a regional shoot location can be a huge benefit. Larger properties provide more shoot space, and larger grounds provide more wide-open space and parking options for cast and crew.


The effort of travelling may not be in the cards for some clients, who prefer to stick to the city. However, the benefit of choosing a regional shoot location is that your production gets a creative edge, standing out from your competitors with a less utilised and incredibly unique location and vistas that will leave your audience stunned.


A selection of our regional NSW locations conveniently offer shoot and stay productions, where your crew can stay overnight and greatly cut out travel and set up times. This is the benefit of choosing a regional property, which are often much more spacious and with a higher number of bedrooms to make shoot and stay a possibility.

As Australia’s leading location agency, we have an incredible calibre of photoshoot and filming locations outside of the city in regional NSW that will take your next production to new and exciting heights. From extravagant views and grande estates, to cozy cottages with country charm, we have a regional NSW location for every creative brief imaginable.


Whimsical, quirky and infused with maximalist elements that will make your heart sing, Cliffside Orchard in Kiama on the South Coast of Sydney offers endless backdrops to give your production a creative edge. This location is the epitome of farmhouse luxury featuring an enchanting orchard, carefully styled and curated bedrooms, a heated pool, cabana and spa room. Conveniently connected to The Orchard Guesthouse on the same property, your crew can easily choose to shoot and stay.

Kiama is located approximately 90 minutes south from the Sydney CBD. 






Situated on the stunning mid-north coast of NSW, Limitless is a striking architectural masterpiece. Featuring unparalleled views of Wallis Lake, this location will take your next production to unbelievable heights. With an innovative open-plan design, every corner of this location maximises the space and views. A fusion of gritty stone and warm natural wood provides limitless creative inspiration for your next photoshoot, film shoot or brand campaign.

Whoota is located approximately 3 hours north of Sydney CBD.




This architecturally designed luxury home in Nelson Bay overlooks the pristine ocean and mountain vista, featuring an innovate open-plan design that captures every part of the magic. With a spiral concrete staircase, breathtaking outdoor deck, custom table tennis area and a home cinema, Polyvalent exudes complete luxury and sophistication at every angle. Flooded with natural light, this luxurious abode is the ideal production or brand shoot location, and only a short scenic drive from Sydney.

Nelson Bay is located approximately 2.5 hours from Sydney CBD.


Set on sprawling acreage in the rural NSW town of Braidwood, Marmalade is a colourful abode that is the perfect fusion of country charm and luxury. The breathtaking grounds feature award-winning gardens, a picturesque lake, private tennis court, country paddocks and contemporary sculptures, offering endless opportunities for whimsical productions. The interior of the home features eclectic contemporary-modern styling, whilst keeping that element of country charm intact. On the same property you will also find Memoire, an incredibly spacious and equally charming barn-style location. Featuring a blush pink exterior surrounded by manicured gardens and covered in trailing ivy, the backdrop choices are endless. With the ability to shoot and stay with up to 13 crew, this incredibly spacious and beautiful photoshoot and filming location is well worth the drive.

Braidwood is located approximately 3 hours from Sydney CBD.


Located on the NSW South Coast, Minerva will absolutely take your breath away. Experience the uttermost serenity with magnificent views of the rolling hills and Kiama coastline, and an architecturally astounding Grecian-inspired pool that overlooks the beauty of it all. Flooded with natural light and ample space, Minerva also features a tennis court, calming interiors, and quality furnishings. With 6 bedrooms, you can also choose to shoot and stay for your next brand photoshoot, film production or TVC.

Kiama is located approximately 90 minutes south of Sydney CBD. 


Straight out of a fairytale, Elysium Cottage is a spectacular country retreat situated on 5 acres, and only a short 90 minute drive from the Sydney CBD. Surrounded by breathtaking gardens, this Hamptons inspired home has created the perfect balance of modern and heritage style. Featuring timber flooring, elegant styling, a vegetable garden, outdoor chess board and a grand driveway, there are an abundance of stunning backdrops to elevate your production. Offering the option for your crew to shoot and stay, there’s no reason not to take a trip to Elysium Cottage for your next brand content shoot or film shoot.

Terrigal is located approximately 90 minutes from Sydney CBD.


This architecturally impressive home is truly a one-of-a-kind production location, impossible to look past. Located Southwest of Sydney in the Southern Highlands, Joadja House is suspended on a rock cliff overlooking the unbelievable natural surrounds. The projecting glass balcony provides an incredible opportunity to capture memorable imagery for photoshoots, films, and brand content. With abundant space and natural light, Joadja House is guaranteed to lift your production to impressive heights.

Joadja is located approximately 1.5 hours south west of Sydney CBD. 


Exuding warmth and character at every angle, this stunning Mediterranean farmhouse in Kangaroo Valley is what production dreams are made of. Situated on 8 acres of breathtaking farmland blessed with mountain and valley views, there are endless creative backdrop opportunities. Featuring earthy and organic hues, modern styling and a Palm Springs style pool house, this breathtaking abode is a must-visit production location.

Kangaroo Valley is located approximately 2 hours south of Sydney CBD. 


Who knew that you could arrive in the heart of Mexico, only a short 2-hour drive from Sydney CBD. This Mexican ranch-style location will completely transport your audience with textured walls, wooden beams, and cacti gardens reminiscent of true Mexico. Located in the picturesque Hunter Valley, Mexicana is a unique location for film shoots, major productions, and brand photoshoots.

Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley is located approximately 2 hours from Sydney CBD.


Sitting magnificently in grand stature on NSW’s South Coast, this location will stop your audience in their tracks. With immaculate mid-century modern styling and astounding architectural design, The Vault conveys absolute luxury and sophistication. The bold concrete provides a beautiful contrast to the warmth provided by quality wooden panelling. Featuring a large outdoor deck with a swimming pool and BBQ area, this photoshoot, filming and brand event location has endless inspiration to offer your next production.

Gerringong is located just under two hours from Sydney CBD. 


Riley’s Run is a luxurious home on the South Coast of NSW, situated on a grand 70 acres of picturesque bushland. Constructed mainly of natural and earthy materials, this home is incredibly unique and inviting. With rammed earth, metal, concrete and glass, this location serves as a breathtaking creative backdrop. With endless space including a cellar, games room, fireplace, fire pit, infinity pool and outdoor bath, the opportunities to elevate your next production are truly endless at Riley’s Run. Also offering shoot and stay accomodation, there’s every reason to take your production to this beautiful location.

Budong is located approximately 2.5 hours from Sydney CBD. 


Domino is the epitome of innovative and striking architecture, and will completely transform your next creative production. Set on 25 acres of the Upper Kangaroo River in the Southern Highlands, this location exudes luxury at every angle. Featuring a striking timber exterior, innovative roof lines, spectacular landscape views and quality modern industrial styling, this location offers endless opportunity to create magic. Also offering the option of a shoot and stay, Domino is a location absolutely worth the travel.

Upper Kangaroo River is located in the Southern Highlands approximately 2 hours from Sydney CBD. 


The benefits of travelling outside of the Sydney city and suburbs for your next production are truly endless, from the unique charm to the abundance of space. Regardless of what your creative brief entails, we have the perfect location to compliment your vision. These are only a small selection of our regional NSW location homes on offer, and we encourage you to explore our portfolio for even more inspiration. 

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The Top 12 Production Locations To Travel To Outside of Sydney

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